Summer Schedule


Yes we meet in the summer — twice a month in fact.  Please come and join us if you’re in the area. There is no dress code, come as you are and enjoy some Masonic fellowship.

We will meet on the following dates:

  • June 12
  • June 22
  • July 10
  • July 27
  • August 14
  • August 24
  • September 11

As always, there will be lots of ‘Conviviality and Caring’ as we share a great meal (12 noon Sharp!) and enjoy Masonic fraternity and fellowship at our meeting at 1PM.

And remember, ALL Masonic Widows are our honored guests at lunch. See you soon!


We are located at 294 Union Street at the Bangor Masonic Center.  Need help finding us?    Get directions.

News from the Lodge

New Web Site

After a much longer period of time than anticipated, we have finally started rebuilding the web site. Forms, “Our DNA”, and much more will be added back soon.

Come back frequently and see how we’re doing.

LunchTimeWe DO eat well!

Before each and every of our 20 meetings each year, we ‘break bread together’. Members, their significant others, and their friends and family are all welcome to join us. Lunch is just $6 and we seriously doubt that you will ever leave not having been FILLED TO THE BRIM!

ALL Masonic Widows – regardless of their husband’s lodge membership – are our honored guests. No reservation is necessary. We’d love to have you join us.

We begin promptly at noon and at 1pm Masons move to the lodge room for our meeting while ladies and guests are welcome to stay and enjoy themselves. And Brethren: even if you can’t stay for the meeting, stop in and join us for lunch. No particular attire is necessary: COME AS YOU ARE!

Our Brother is a new Father


The Ladies of Seminary Hill Daylight Lodge recently presented Brother Chris Howard with a quilt for his new baby girl. She’s SUCH a cutie!

A sheaf of wheat

Leighton_WaterfordSeveral years ago, Bro. Leighton’s daughter made this needlepoint of a sheaf of wheat suspended near a waterfall. The allegorical tale is taught to all Masons.  This was made for an Eastern Star auction and it was ‘snapped up’ by our Charter Junior Warden, Bro. Les Gray, who carefully preserved it. At a meeting of the lodge, Bro. Gray asked if he might make a presentation and, much to the surprise of the Master, the Sheaf of Wheat appeared. It now hangs, appropriately, above the chair of the Junior Warden at the Bangor Masonic Center where we meet!

Upcoming Events

Walt Kyllonen’s Masonic Anniversary
Sep 25 all-day

If only we got to see Bro. Wally more – but since he’s at the far southern end of the state, we understand. Best wishes to a GREAT Mason on his many years of membership!

Bob Hoyt’s Birthday
Sep 26 all-day

That young kid? Hey, another birthday for Bro. Bob who continues to get cuter day by day! Happy Birthday from all of us at SHDLL!!!

Bill Rush’s Birthday
Oct 2 all-day

We’re hoping Bro. Rush will be up and about, ready to come back and harass us all soon! We miss you, Brother: do take care of yourself – and remember, we’re thinking about you on your birthday and EVERY day.

Gerald Carey’s Birthday
Oct 3 all-day

Must be that his birthday reminds him to go to Florida, eh? We love to see you when you’re here, Brother, and miss you when you’re there! Happy Birthday!!!

Roger Windsor’s Birthday
Oct 4 all-day

Brother Windsor’s just a spring chicken (aren’t we all?) and we wish him VERY Happy Birthday today.

Jonathan Canfield’s Birthday
Oct 14 all-day

Glad you’re with us back home in Bangor, Brother. Happy, happy Birthday to you today!

Ron Green’s Masonic Anniversary
Oct 20 all-day

Bro. Ron never seems to stop – and as a Mason, he’s been runnin’ for quite a while now. Best wishes to you on this day, Brother!

Tim Larson’s Masonic Anniversary
Oct 20 all-day

Best wishes, Brother Tim, for MANY, MANY more!!!

Edwin Dewitt’s Masonic Anniversary
Oct 24 all-day

We couldn’t get a cake big enough for all of these candles without paying a premium so we’ll just wish Bro. Edwin a great, big Happy Masonic Anniversary!!!

Ron Chalmers’ Birthday
Oct 29 all-day

He keeps saying he’s old but we disagree – and we wish Brother Ron a Happy Birthday with MANY more!